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If easy, then not virtuous.

Abstaining for the abstemious and indulgence for the indulgent might be good. But following an inclination cannot be all that virtuous.

Cold feet?

No, don’t turn the heat up. Get off your ass while you’re at it.

A little, a lot.

It takes a little courage to dislike someone, but it takes a lot of cowardice to hate them.

Polite cockiness.

What is called confidence around these parts.

How arrogantly he affirms his arrogance.

It is as if he had other, redeeming qualities that could make up for it!

The vice is the virtue.

Perfectionism presupposes a preposterous idea of perfectibility.

Humility defined.

The vice of those who aren’t clever enough to convince themselves of their virtues.

You admit that you think you’re all that.

The minor virtue of your honesty perfectly balances against the minor vice of your vanity—what beautiful symmetry!

For Aristotle and Wollstonecraft.

Anything closer than a virtuous friendship is crudely sentimental.

I’ll read anyone once.

Intellectual promiscuity is a virtue.