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The mainstream has no imagination, least of all concerning the vastness of the oceans.

We’re swimming in the same fishbowl.

Unlike most of us, you can see the water. Why can’t you taste all the shit in it?

Waters, mirrors.

To see yourself clearly, look in a running river—not a still lake or a stormy sea.

Beef with broccoli, yoga at the gym, etc.

Waves of globalization pull practices underwater and cast them on distant shores, that is, after they have been corroded and transmuted by deep sea pressures.

Fish don’t see the water.

A fish out of water can see it and knows he needs it

Each snowflake is unique.

But all snowflakes amount to water in the end.

Elemental and elementary.

Our water comes through pipes, our fire comes from gas, our earth comes in trucks, and our air comes out of vents. How can moderns living under these conditions to be struck with elementary wonder?


The underground rises into the mainstream to be watered down. The mainstream flows into the underground to wash it out.

Banal inconsistency.

A nationalist who hates the state is like a fish lover who hates water.

Watered down advice.

Drop knowledge only if drowning in an excess of it.