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He dreamed of sex and wealth.

Smallness of a mind is indicated by paucity of an imagination.

What does “Crazy Rich Asians” parody?

Whatever it is, it sure isn’t landed wealth, conspicuous consumption, or class dominance.

Rich man, you’re a baby.

The fools say wealth is a sign of wickedness out of envy. The wise say wealth is a sign of ignorance out of hope.

Liberal-democracy is dead.

Long gone are the days “we” at least used to pretend to stand for something “higher” than wealth accumulation and naked power.

Religious wisdom.

The claim that wealth and status have no bearing on the afterlife can be secularized as follows: such things do no good for the living, either.

The problem is you are yourself.

You live in your own country, you inherit your family’s wealth, and you are spontaneously immersed in your life world. You can comment well enough, but criticism is beyond your command.

Balancing the equation.

Society = high society – all that money.