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Collectives have wills.

Like individual wills, the genuine ones are divided against themselves.

Is it will power?

Not unless its writhing against restraints, I say. Otherwise, I would call it “habit power.”

Hobbesian deliberation.

If there is a will, there is also a say.

Will and nill.

If there is a will, there is also a counter-will.

Want to deny responsibility?

You might start by conflating unexercised will with involuntary impulses.

I swear.

An oath is a device with no failsafe for keeping the will as strong as the word.

Reason has little to do with it.

It takes a singular, powerful will to subordinate a multiplicity of inordinately strong desires.

Desire is incapable of decision.

Hence the necessity of inventing the will.

That which is (not) within my control.

I cannot fight the fact that it’s cold outside. I can only fight the fact that I’m fighting the cold.

Morality is a problem of will, not intellect.

If you need philosophy to guide your moral judgments, then I fear for the fate of your soul.