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Beauty and Wisdom.

What lasts much longer than fresh and hip? 

Overachiever, etc.

I wanted to be clever. Then I started to wise up.

A thought on Confucius.

His wisdom consists in being more certain about what should be than what is.

Why do we prize empathy?

For one thing, artificial intelligence has been “smarter” than us for some time now. For another, we have never prized wisdom.


Compassion comes from those places that wisdom dares not go.

What would I know?

X: This is all conjecture. I know that I know nothing. Y: What confidence! I don’t pretend to know what I don’t know.  

Discerning and listening.

Sight is the power of wisdom. Hearing is the power of compassion.


Most are all too eager to share a wisdom that they themselves do not possess.


It’s not that we don’t love wisdom. It is that we love foolishness even more.

Religious wisdom.

The claim that wealth and status have no bearing on the afterlife can be secularized as follows: such things do no good for the living, either.