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A letter separates “word” and “world.”

Yet countless lives separate words from worlds.

That’s not a new idea.

That’s a neologism. The new word sounds uglier than the old one.

A word, for instance.

A representation has a presence all its own.

That look on your face?

It is like a word I know too well, but have not read in many years.

There are no private words or languages.

To use the term “property” properly is to describe things whose claiming by a private entity does not constitute theft.

The language of power.

By all means, have the final word. I will have the final say.

Word and flesh.

The word does not make flesh, but the flesh makes words.

Photography and film.

Neither of the major innovations of the 20th century art has an essential relationship to the written word.

I write sparingly.

Nonetheless, I risk the endlessness of argumentation with every word.

Occupational hazard.

The difference between the world and the word comes down to one letter for the writer.