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Social media, text, email, etc.

In the era of the communicative capitalism, the goal of the writer is to write fewer words per day.

The words are as cutting as ever.

Only the intention moving within them is compassionate.

There are no private languages.

However, there are plenty of private words.

A writer is in their words.

It is no comfort to hear this writer is not half as pretentious as she comes off on the page. She is a writer, after all.

Words cannot take you all the way.

But you’ll never get there without the right ones.

Every thing is different.

Here names—even proper names and especially synonyms—perform an elementary violation.

Your words relate to my words.

As for our experiences, the best words are “distinctive” and “incommensurable.”

Writers are notorious liars.

It is not their fault; the problem is words themselves.

Thoughts before and beyond words.

Logo-centrism lurks behind the notion of nausea.

Some words.

In so many words, yes. In so many other words, no.