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Democracy is a lot of work.

Do you seriously claim to have something better to do?

A basic question of “radical democracy.”

Is our basic political capacity speech/action or work/production?

What am I working on now?

I’m not working on anything right now. I’m having a conversation.

The active life.

Say self-care when you mean self-care; say leisure when you mean leisure; define both independently from work and labor.

Why should I go to my high school reunion?

If I want to talk to a bunch of assholes, I’ll go to work or go online.

Our age demands the justification of non-work.

Yet this demand works against the possibility of justification.

Your work isn’t perfect?

Neither is anyone’s. May you one day attain such renown that others will nitpick it.

He brings his entire self to work.

I don’t begrudge this attempt; it strikes me as a human one.

Capitalism teaches that life is work.

Capitalism also automates, prices, and throws people out of work—murderous gestures, by its own standards. 

Class difference.

Working hard is easier than hard work.