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The world isn’t ending.

Your world is ending.

Speculative fiction.

Imagine a world where everything begins and nothing ever ends. 

What is the appeal of science fiction?

Our alienation is such that our commonality consists in being-out-of-this-world.

Politics, aesthetics, world.

The political function of art is to interpret the impossibility of keeping the world as it is.

You no longer believe in Progress.

Why not? Just because your little corner of the world is stationary or regressing?

Thinking, writing.

Writing is a worldliness that breaks through the narcissistic circuits of thinking.

The world is the basic political category.

The subject is basically an apolitical category. If the subject is politicized, it has transformed into a self.

A letter separates “word” and “world.”

Yet countless lives separate words from worlds.

For Elliott Smith.

Are you a world within a world or a world without one?

Easy there…

Ease with oneself begins with ease in the world.