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Social media, text, email, etc.

In the era of the communicative capitalism, the goal of the writer is to write fewer words per day.

On influence.

A great writer continues co-authoring long after they are dead.

A writer is in their words.

It is no comfort to hear this writer is not half as pretentious as she comes off on the page. She is a writer, after all.

Do I have the right to write this way?

Does a model have the right to take their clothes off at work?

Where do they belong?

You can tell a lot about a writer’s position from the location of their “ironic quotes.”

Lazy readers only remember one-liners.

Lazy readers, I have skipped the rest of it for you.

An honest obscurity.

Every good writer must sooner or later realize that obscurity is rarely the fault of greatness.

Great writers are always great thinkers.

What a shame, though, that great thinkers are often terrible writers.

A reverse parallel.

A writer who cannot read is like a musician who does not listen, whereas a writer who does not read is like a musician who cannot hear.

A willing writer.

One who is willing to question everything will be writing for a long, long time.