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How could you write well?

I can’t recall ever seeing you with a pencil.

Writer’s block?

More like nothing to say.

No, your favorite writers are not in agreement.

It is rather that you want everyone to be friends and read accordingly.

Why do I like Rand better than Stowe?

I know Ayn Rand is an adversary; I thought Harriett Beecher Stowe and I could be allies.

Ins and outs of writing.

The difference between adequate and inadequate writers is knowing what to put in; the difference between great and mediocre writers is understanding what to leave out.

Writers are notorious liars.

It is not their fault; the problem is words themselves.

The journey is one.

The vehicles and roads, departures and arrivals, travelers and wanderers, writers and reporters, pavers and preservers are many.

Sometimes poets don’t know what their poetry means.

Some believe this signals that some poems are divinely inspired. I say that words can know what writers do not.

Pile of a 1000 pages.

Cramped hands placed a daily limit on writers with pens. Writers with keyboards, who reach wrist-pains much later, hardly know when to stop.

Are you friends with the writers of enduring works?

Then you have accepted that you will never have the chance to meet your long-dead friends.