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Thinking without the trace of writing.


Thinking without the slightest thought of publication.

How is written lie better than a spoken truth?

For that matter, how is a written truth truer than a spoken truth?

Too structured, too precise.

Where is the space within your sentences?

Thinking, writing.

Writing is a worldliness that breaks through the narcissistic circuits of thinking.

Kirstie McClure taught indispensable lessons.

She taught me how to read, why reading is also writing, and when to read charitably.

Sure, these ideas are timeless.

The point of writing about them, however, is to bring them back in time, where they belong.

Please shorten that sentence.

A sentence should distinguish what is primary and what is secondary against the backdrop of what is better left unsaid.

A working self-definition.

An aphorist is a writer who reasons that rationalizations are wordy.

How could it be a single authored work?

I have never written anything by myself. You haven’t either.