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Are you writing for your peers or for our future?

It doesn’t matter how many will never read me.

It is still better to write for the sake of posterity than for the sake of productivity.

What I like about review processes.

They force you to take others’ writing seriously, lest you reveal yourself to be writing in privation.

It’s all a manner of speaking.

Thinking is silently speaking to yourself, writing is silently speaking with others.

There’s lots of writing down that rabbit hole.

It’s too bad, really, that none of it is yours.

Writing defined.

A very specialized kind of reading.

Let’s not write for algorithms.

I would rather write for the possibility of reading.


Thinking without the trace of writing.


Thinking without the slightest thought of publication.

How is written lie better than a spoken truth?

For that matter, how is a written truth truer than a spoken truth?