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I finally read that book.

It is as brilliant, but of course known for all the wrong reasons.

Don’t read “the classics” in terms of identity.

If they spewed idiocies about race, nation, gender, and sexuality, who knows what else they could be wrong about?

How powerful is conservatism now?

Well, even widely recognized wrongs are understood to be inevitable.

A plea for reciprocity.

Please try seeing things from my perspective: you’re totally wrong.

I might be wrong.

Then again, you are definitely wrong.

It takes time to do things right.

This is why so many things are going wrong.

Del Toro, “Pan’s Labyrinth.”

Only in fantasy does one ascend to power by choosing to suffer rather than do wrong.

The difference between right and right.

X: Even when I’m wrong, I’m right. Y: How right you are.

Patriarchy and property.

Marriage rituals from giving away the bride to shotgun weddings to the payment of dowry presuppose that a father has a property interest in his daughter’s sexuality. Father-daughter incest is the wrong which reveals the obscenity of this “right.”

After all is said and done.

Ethical is the person who can honestly say “I have done no great wrong.”