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“Wrong” is the preeminent political term.

When I speak of histories that nobody wants to remember, I am only speaking of politics that everyone is desperately trying to forget.

Not an apology.

“I’m sorry that I offended you” is aggressively unapologetic; the speaker makes the wrong one-sidedly subjective.

Every excuse-maker admits wrong-doing.

If what they did weren’t wrong, there’d be no need for excuses.

The case against Justice.

Because I recognize the enormity of the wrong, I am resigned towards my inability to get worked up over it.

Machines break down.

As the social goes horribly wrong, it forcibly confronts us with its impositions of right.

Aesthetics and ethics.

Tragedy is the conflict of right against right. Triumph is the victory of right over wrong. Farce is the parody of right and wrong.

Who is right is not at stake in conversation.

When friends stop talking, they have probably started arguing.